Why do I have to be so curvy??? Dang it!

Anyway, I thought my fellow Sherlollians would love this set I just came across at the good store of Wal-Mart. YAY!

Because we need more Skull Pants in our lives!

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  3. zoraarian said: SKULL PANTS! Wait. You had no qualms at stopping in front of them bra and panties to take photos? I would die red in the face, especially if anyone comes up to me and ask why am I taking pictures of undergarments… :P :DDD
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  7. lokiilockk said: I bought a pair of skull pants at Sears for like 5 bucks and they’re my favorite. :)
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  9. bassfanimation said: aww hell yiss
  10. thestarlitrose said: Those are really cute! I’ve gotten a few pairs from Target and Hot Topic but I haven’t seen any in a while.
  11. textsfromumbridge said: Fuck yeah skull pants! So, who’ll write the fic with Molly wearing these? ;)
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